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The End Of Natural Habitats Essay

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The End of Natural
In recent years, environment pollution is becoming a contentious problem, the list of dangerous human life and environment continues to rise. It is well known that trash waste is the most common to air pollution and water pollution caused by human activities. In fact, environmental is gradually be degraded, this is unavoidable fact because there is no way of improvement huge impossible recycle trash as we move into centuries later. This can be seen clearly in movies, Wall-E is one of movies might value most. Through the movie, some would argue that transmigrate to out of planet is a price human must pay for progress. However, it is important to remember that human also ...view middle of the document...

That means in the large cities where most people live, there are more trash than countryside. People live in large cities trend use more bottle of glass and convenient products.
Trash is now a serious problem in large cities because so much trash is being wasted. In large cities where most people live, it is difficult and expensive to recycle all the trash because the amount of products that are being throwing away every day is larger than the number of recycling. The issue of recycling has been directly linked to people and governments need for fast methods of recycling. Governments responded to complaints about environment pollution by collecting, transporting and disposal of urban trash more effectively. Building programs to raise awareness about the effected of trash waste separation in order to increase the recycling rate. For most people do not want to damage the environment if they know what exactly influence and make poor their natural.
There is a true obviously, a considerable amount of people often chose to throw, rather than save for many reasons. Also governments would agree that trash problems are a hard mathematic to solve. There are numerous example of human’s behavior about trash waste, when people finish a bottle of water, they usually throw without stop and see garbage accordant. An individual throw trash they think there is someone will collect and separate it but this thinking is totally wrong and imagine if many people think the same way what will happen? One person cannot clean for a bunch of people. Many people love to eat bubble gums, then they throw in the trash or may be some time we get lazy to go to the trash bin, but why we don’t stop eat chew gum then we don’t need to find out the solution to destroy that gum because gum is. People consume a growing amount plastic bag which needs almost a thousand year to be decomposed, they chose plastic bags because it is low-priced and convenience more than recycle bags. In addition, many people would like to have their own car and change when they see new generation cars or they would rather go to Starbucks to buy a cup of coffee than bring their recycle cup. Some people throw trash quickly at home also don’t sorting kind of trash to the trash area because there have smell of foulness. Industry try to product many cheap produces to let people use and they easy get profit than expensive and friendly to the environment produces. They care about profit of trade more than environment. It is highly likely that in the future there will be a...

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