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The End Of The Hunters Essay

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The officer, surrounded by these noises, was moved and a little embarrassed. He turned away to give them time to pull themselves together; and waited, allowing his eyes to rest on the trim cruiser in the distance (Golding, William). “Alright lads, I think it’s about time we get you off this burning island, don’t you think?” said the Naval Officer as he noticed some of his crew running towards him. The crew had a look of bewilderment as they saw the boys wiping the tears from their faces, they have looked upon a group of boys that had forgotten society, and this astonished some of the crew members. “Is our nightmare finally over?” thought Ralph to himself. He soon realized the answer to his own question and began to cry uncontrollably.
The crew members began to pick up and take some of the boys onto the life boat, some of the boys were filled with so much joy and relief that they just fell over, not having the strength to pick up their legs. When the crew ...view middle of the document...

The naval officer stepped in front and grabbed onto Ralph with so much force, that it surprised Ralph that he didn’t get knocked back. “Listen my dear boy; nothing can bring your friend back, nothing. Getting vengeance on that boy would do nothing but throw you into a world of darkness, it would never be satisfying.” “But he killed my friend, he tortured the other boys, and he-“ “and he will get his punishment in time, along with those that helped him” the naval officer, grabbed Ralph by his shoulder and directed him to a separate life boat.
The life boats started to head out one by one into the dark sea; there were about 7 boats in total, each holding crew members and some of the boys. Ralph was in the lifeboat with the Naval Officer. He still couldn’t grasp that he was finally leaving that island, although the boats headed out at night, the island itself looked like a sunset in the horizon. Neither one of the boys could keep their eyes off of the spectacular show the island was giving, some of the crew members even gawked in awe at the beauty. The ocean was felt like a rollercoaster to Ralph; it wasn’t the first time he’s felt this sensation before. He knew that life would have its ups and downs and what they just expierenced on the island was almost rock bottom. All the memories and events that happened filled Ralph with so much sorrow, that he began to cry again. He saw some of the boys crying too, but when he glanced into the boat where Roger was, he noticed he was not crying. He seemed almost ghoulish as the light from the flames danced on his face, he just stared out and Ralph couldn’t help but wondered what was going on in his mind. The boats finally reached the Trim Cruiser and the boys were given appropriate bedding conditions, but Ralph refused to go down and get some rest with the other boys. He stayed out on the dock looking out into the ocean and murmured to himself “I’m sorry Piggy; I couldn’t keep the fire going, I lost control”.

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