The Effect Of The New Deal On Ethnic Women's Wealth

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The Effect of the New Deal on Ethnic Women's Wealth

New Labour acknowledges that there is a group of people who are
excluded from society. This exclusion is described as, “A combination
of linked problems…unemployment, discrimination, poor skills, low
incomes, poor housing, high crime, bad health and family breakdown”
(ODPM, 2004: 7) The New Deal is a policy aimed at reducing poverty
through increasing employment to create an inclusive society.

Feminists have highlighted that both the extent and experience of
poverty is different for women than it is for men due to the
expectations placed upon them and that the type of poverty facing
women goes beyond a deficiency in income. (Alcock, 1993) “Poverty
also means being powerless…being treated like a second class citizen”.

What is evident is the effect on ethnic minority males and females is
worse than the British white population, due to racism and cultural
differences. The purpose of this report is use New Labours New Deal
policy that promotes employment as a way to reduce poverty and relate
this to the life and experiences of ethnic women.

New Deal Policy:

One of the policies to tackle exclusion is the New Deal a strategy
aiming to reduce poverty by helping people into work because according
to New Labour “The best anti-poverty strategy is full employment”. (
New Labour claim their welfare reform policies such as the New Deal
has transformed the welfare system from providing passive support to
active support, giving independence to people in search of work. With
the purpose of creating an inclusive society where nobody is held back
by disadvantage or through lack of opportunity. (

The New Deal has a variety of packages to suit a diversity of needs:

· Young People (18-24)

· 25 Plus

· 50 plus

· Disabled People

· Lone- Parents

· Partners

· Self-Employment

· Musicians

New Deal applicants are given a personal advisor who will help

* Work experience with an employer or voluntary organisation

* Training for a specific job

* Courses to develop the skills that employers want

* Practical help with applying for jobs

* Interview practice.

Experience of poverty faced by ethnic minority women.

The British population consists of a combination of ethnic minorities
comprising just 8.1% of the population. (social trends, 2005) 8.7% of
ethnic minority women are unemployed this is more than double the
unemployment of white women at 3.8% (EOC, 2004) It is argued that
there are differences in the experiences of white western women and
ethnic women. Ethnicity is often treated as a unified group, however
the migration...

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