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The Effect Of Globalization On The International Labor Migration

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Since 1815, globalization has generated profound influences on international labor migration. The integration of commodity has accelerated the trading process between the nations and diminished the border effect between countries. In developed countries, because of the increasing number of the aging population, the society are in need of many young workers to facilitate with the industrial growth so that the authority has to open the gate for international labors; for developing countries, high unemployment rate and the dissatisfaction of current living standard has pushed some people to pursue better life in other territories. Globalization has provided an opportunity to fulfill the demands of both agents. Meanwhile, there are some unexpected downsides of this phenomenon. In this article, I would like to discuss the early stage of migration, the positive and negative effects of the international labor migration that was led by globalization, and the relationships between globalization and migration.The history of migration can be traced back to slave trade period, which was a form of "involuntary" migration. Another form of migration was called "voluntary" migration, which has become a trend after 1850 when many "guest workers" go to other countries and work temporarily there. Nowadays, there is a trend showing that more and more skilled workers are flooding into, most of all, developed countries. "The greatest era for recorded voluntary mass migration was the century after 1815" (Hirst, Thompson & Bromley). In Britain, the end of Napoleonic war has released a lot of free labors, such as soldiers, to the market and thus there was a big surplus of labors in the market. Meanwhile, the industrial revolution has hit the traditional handcraft industry even though it has helped the nation defeat the war and flourished the economy. According to Canadian Heritage Gallery, "The industrialism of steam and iron machinery had helped defeat Napoleon; but it had also struck hard at traditional cottage handcrafts in Britain, disrupted whole districts and communities, and produced ill-built, crowded factory towns that were hives of misery and disease" (1999). In addition, as the cost of shipping dwindling down, people who were eager to leave the country are now having the opportunity. Post-war depression has traumatized the economy and the excess of labors has led to the imbalance situation between the market and the labor capacity. Thus, the competition in job market was getting intense while the wage level was dropping down. The unsatisfying living condition has pushed more and more people joined the immigration forces. They believed that the new continental can offer them cheap land and therefore they have a better chance to fight for the life they expected. Furthermore, former immigrants have encouraged their left-behind relatives to follow their routes and explore the new world. Last but not least, the government has also made the effort to assist...

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