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The Effect Of Motivation On Language Learning

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The concept of motivation has been the subject of many studies and is considered a crucial determinant of successful achievement in the field of language learning. A motivating learning environment has to support the education process. It generates learning initially and later will guide the process of acquiring a target language (Cheng & Dornyei, 2007). Teachers have long recognized that motivation is centered to problem-solving in education. Motivation is the key factor in getting students involved in the learning process and in keeping them engaged at their level of academic performance (Oliver, 1995). Many researchers point out that a person's behavior is predicted by his intentions which are determined by the attitudes of his character. Desired behaviors can be influenced by increasing results. In the past, educators worked hard to find proper methods for shifting students' attention towards learning. Creative engagements can serve to improve motivation. Thus, researchers have found that student engagement is an effective motivation strategy. Foster Walsh (2003) has devoted great attention to the use of creative engagement in the classroom. According to Walsh, the learning process is truly much easier when teachers know how to stimulate their students' interests. A motivating classroom is perhaps defined as an environment where learning is facilitated by the impact of the teacher's efforts. Attention also has to be given to the need of the students through meaningfulness. Meaningful connections between teachers and their students is also a catalyst for a better learning atmosphere. Meaningful context and applied learning undoubtedly correlate with the lives of students (Walsh, 2003). In order to use creative engagement successfully, therefore, teachers have to take students' interests and active role into consideration
Vallerand (1997) created the Academic Motivation Scale (AMS) on the basis of the self-determination theory instituted by Deci and Ryan (1985). The intrinsic motivation is divided into three types: intrinsic motivation to know (IM-Knowledge); intrinsic motivation towards accomplishment (IM-Accomplishment), and intrinsic motivation to experience stimulation (IM- Stimulation). IM-knowledge refers to the motivation necessary to perform an activity for the related pleasure of developing knowledge and new ideas. IM-accomplishment however, is the feeling associated with attempts to achieve a goal or master a task. IM- stimulation refers to motivation based on the sensations stimulated by doing a task, i.e. fun and excitement (Carreira, 2005).
Teachers can exploit stimulating tasks to increase motivation by engaging students creatively. Such tasks can increase critical thinking and promote autonomy (Guthrie, et al., 2006). Obenchain and Aberathy (2003) conclude that creating a positive classroom community that can empower students is important. They show that there are three simple...

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