The Effect Of Steriods In Major League Baseball

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Baseball is known as America’s pastime and is one of the most popular, respected sports on earth. Since the beginning of the sport, it seemingly advances with technology every year making faster and stronger players. The use of steroids became rampant and spread among players and has carried them away from the true history of the game they play. Controversy still today runs around the sport today about fines, punishments and record breaking. The past two decades of Major League Baseball have been tainted because of the use of performance enhancing drugs, also known as steroids, causing the loss of many fans and the true meaning of America’s favorite sport.
In the early 80’s many professional players began to discover steroids, but Major League Baseball had not. As more and more cases of these drugs came about the most serious was that of Mark McGwire who was racing Sammy Sosa to try and break Roger Maris’s single season homerun record ("The Steroids Era "). McGwire admitted to using steroids just before he broke the record hitting 70 homeruns in one season. Later, Sosa was also found to have been using steroids during this period. These events seemed to spark the events of the next decade and beyond with more and more players being busted for steroids ("Event Timeline ").
One of the most recent busts was that of over twenty major league players who included some of the most high paid players in baseball. It included names like Ryan Braun and Alex Rodriguez, who both were considered icons of major league baseball and hall of fame class players. Rodriguez was even considered to be one of the best players in the game and at one time was the highest paid player in baseball history. These along with other players were the first ever to be hit so hard with fines and suspensions, which is a step in the right direction. Rodriguez who has been caught multiple times using steroids took the hardest hit of all. A suspension from an entire season and thousands of dollars of fine were issued and that seemed light with talks of being banned from baseball floating between the two parties. Major League Baseball took the right direction in the situation making an example of this group of players and especially Rodriguez (Quinn, Fish, and Gomez). This no tolerance policy could hopefully put a stop to the use of steroid in this great sport and get the game back to its original form.
One of the most controversial subjects in Major League Baseball is that of hall of fame voting. Players who have tested positive should not be eligible for the hall of fame ballot. This is a great honor for players who are truly great and play the game the right way. The hall of fame has no room for players who try to gain unfair advantages through performance enhancing drugs. One of the greatest players of all time, Pete Rose, was denied from the Baseball Hall of Fame do betting on his games. This shows how seriously the voters take being inducted. Players who have tested...

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