The Endangered Flora And Fauna Of South Africa

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There are 299 mammal species in South Africa, of which two are critically endangered, 11 are endangered, 15 are vulnerable, and 13 are near-threatened. Two of the species listed for South Africa are considered to be extinct.The flora and fauna of South Africa are becoming endangered fast due to different causes such as habitat loss and habitat fragmentation. Following are some of South Africa’s endangered species.

The Bread Palm or Encephalartos Cupidus is a very rare and attractive dwarf cycad with blue green leaves that usually grows to about three feet tall. It may be found in South Africa’s steep slopes, rocky grasslands or in open forests. Its name, Encephalartos Cupidus, means ...view middle of the document...

They are being protected by having two of the wetlands where they live protected. The African Association of Zoo and Aquaria has included this amphibian for South Africa’s first captive breeding project. Also, the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) has named this frog its flagship species for its amphibian conservation program.

The Knysna seahorse is the most endangered seahorse in the world. It possesses the characteristic seahorse shape and the body is encased in a series of bony rings. This small, delicate creature is a mottled greenish brown colour, sometimes with scattered dark spots. The snout is relatively short and the neck arches in a smooth curve without a crown. The tail is muscular and is used to grasp a mate during courtship, or as an anchor to the substrate . This seahorse is threatened by its rapid habitat loss. SANParks is doing its bit by trying to restrict further urban development around the knysna estuary. The Knysna Basin Project has been doing research from a small field since the early 90’s and their...

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