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The Endangerment And Mass Extinction Of The Tiger: Can We Stop It?

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Several species on Earth are on the endangered species list and are given special protection to insure the species survives. Sometimes the protection of these species is not enough for the guarantee of survival. Many factors including human activity, and the failure of the species to adapt to change has caused the population of the majestic tiger to dwindle. Despite laws such as the Endangered Species Act of 1973, countries all over the world have failed to help this dying species. The editorial, “Tigers are tanking,” published by Globe & Mail, explains that tigers will be extinct in little as 12 years (Tigers are tanking). This was reported 3 years ago, leaving the countdown to 9 years. We can reverse the damage that has been done and it is not too late.
Lynn R. Goldman, who wrote the article, “Endangered Species Act,” explains the details and the importance of the Endangered Species Act of 1973. The article suggests that human activity is the lead cause of species extinction. Human kind brings loss of habitat, pollution, and overharvesting. What people do not realize is that species biodiversity has many health benefits for them. Whether it is a substance used in pharmaceuticals, or improving the quality of the environment, a species has its effects on human kind. The Endangered Species Act of 1973 states that any species deemed endangered by the Department of the Interior (DOI), will be protected in different ways that are most beneficial to the species. The DOI can claim an area as a “critical habitat,” which protects all features that are essential for a specific species to survive and thrive. Problems arise when land that can be considered a critical habitat is owned privately, which can conflict with property rights (Goldman). Because the tiger’s natural habitat is not in the United States, this act does not apply, or protect them.
The editorial, “Tigers are tanking,” published by Globe & Mail, explains the danger and possibility of the extinction of the tiger. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) reports that there are as little as 3,200 tiger left in the world. The editorial explains that the Asian middle class uses tiger parts to make clothing, medicine, and even wine. The industry of tiger poaching and selling of tiger parts has become so profitable that tiger reservations are being entered without permission and emptied (Tigers are tanking). Poachers are mostly interested in the tiger’s pelt (Fascione, Nina, Aimee Delach, and Martin E. Smith). Human kind further affects the survivability of this rare and endangered species by destroying their habitat. With the increasing development of cities in Asia, the tiger species has been forced into a fraction of the land in which is use to reside (Tigers are tanking). People also kill tigers to reduce the fatalities of their livestock, accidently by hitting them with vehicles, by reducing the availability of their prey by either hunting the prey themselves, or by deforestation, and the apathy towards...

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