The Endless Fight At Cosmos Essay

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Rivera 4Ronald Rivera TorresProfessor MoralesINGL 3104/04110 April 2014The Endless Fight at CosmosThe cosmos is used to name all creation. The concept is utilized to refer to an ordered system, opposing the notion of chaos. This fight against chaos is endless, in where the forces of life and death are the tools to maintain this order. In the vast cosmos we exist as a tiny fraction where just centuries ago we thought we were the center of the Universe. This ignorance and arrogance in humanity has been always present. For example, in the story "To Build a Fire" by Jack London he describe these two characteristic of humanity almost close to perfection. The story of "To Build a Fire" is about a man who travels in the Yukon, Alaska on a cold morning with a husky dog. In which he undervalues the power of nature and pay, the ultimate price death. After the man death the husky dog detect the scent of death and runs away in the direction of the camp. The ignorance and arrogance is the path to perdition. This can be seen clearly in Jack London's story which the character pays the ultimate price for ignorance and arrogance.Ignorance is commonly known as lack of knowledge and was shown by the protagonist in this story, it leads him to his death. For example, when he goes to the forest in such cold winter, he only packs one meal and he go alone to the forest. This was his major error that cost his life, all of this error from his ignorance. These errors are common in any humans when they do not have any interest in acquire in knowledge. The ignorant humanity of today is governed by the technology that was built by the wise. Lack of knowledge is what control the people and is the principal weapons against democracy. The most excellent day for ignorance in Puerto Rico is the infamous "Black Friday" in where herd of people jump like the zombies of "World War Z" movie to enter the malls. All of this, the effect of ignorance. Ignorance is the path of perdition, the humanity with their entire advance and technology is the most ignorant creature in the Earth because with all of his advance there are blind by his ego of supremacy.The arrogance was the...

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