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The Endless Possibilities Of 3 D Printing

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Why go to stores and spend lots of money buying toys, jewelry, cups and many other plastic utilities when you can only press one button and print them out for yourself. This futuristic idea is not only innovating the scientific and technological world, but it is also innovating modern day households. The possibilities of 3D printing are extremely captivating, making this one of the most exciting innovations in recent times. 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, makes three-dimensional solid objects from a digital model or command. To picture how this process works, 3D printers use an additive process, where adding layers of a successive material creates an object. Traditional ...view middle of the document...

The frustration of not being able to find the perfect lampshade, or any other product at a good price would no longer be a problem with 3D printers now available for consumers. “Although 3-D printers are not yet a standard part of home-computing equipment, the latest generation of devices, such as Cube® by 3D Systems, the Cubex™ or Makerbot’s Replicator™2X - which retail for between one and three thousand US dollars - are bringing the possibility of home manufacturing one step closer to reality” (Jewell). Now the biggest difference between traditional manufacturing and 3D printing will be the emergence of mass customization. Goods will be, “infinitely more customized, because altering them won’t require retooling, only tweaking the instructions in the software. Creativity in meeting individuals’ needs will come to the fore, just as quality control did in the age of rolling out sameness” (D'Aveni). When you have a product that is printed out individually from software with your own customization, then there would be no reason in buying a product that will look like something another person can own because of its ordinary accessibility. Creating physical 3D models in a fast, easy and affordable way has great potential, especially when you can do it in the comfort of your home.
As 3D printers are becoming live in the market, they demonstrate great potential by fostering economic growth. The implications of this revolutionary technology indeed promise to have a radical impact on the may things are produced and business is done. There are many reasons why this new manufacturing technology will help businesses and costumers economically. First of all, “making ‘manufacturing on demand’ a realistic possibility, the uptake of 3-D printing could transform the global manufacturing and business landscape. It can reduce the need to carry inventory, and slash warehousing and transport costs, simplify supply chains and significantly reduce the carbon footprint of manufacturing” (Jewell). The implications of these printers along the supply, manufacturing and retailing side of a business, would make any business rethink their operations and strategies. Since everything revolves around efficiency and productivity, this new mean of customized production would help businesses cut traditional prototyping and tooling costs, identify design errors and reduce the trips to production facilities. Where as traditional manufacturing requires very high levels of investment and product runs, 3D printing has lower costs and fewer errors by following a process of ‘staking’ objects one layer on top of the other to create more elaborate and complex structures. Multi-material 3D printing addresses inefficiencies by reducing the number of...

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