The Endurance: Achieving Greatness In Ice And Snow

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Foreboding events would set the precursor for Shakleton's expedition. The first problem that Shackleton faced was money. He had to raise the money to fund the journey, and it was sometimes difficult to spark interest. When the money was finally managed Shakleton began the task of picking out his men for his crew. He looked for good-natured men who were optimistic and had a sense of humor. Unfortunately, as they were preparing to set off, World War I broke out. Shackleton half-heartedly informed Churchill that he would use the vessel to aid in the war if need be. Much to Shakleton's relief, Churchill declined, saying, "Proceed."Shackleton was a man who was known for his dedication to his men and a true adventurer. Shackleton was a man of principal, and a man who learned from his mistakes. Before his famous expedition to Antarctica, Shackleton went on another voyage similar to that one. It ended it disaster, not everyone in the group was able to survive. From the miscalculations made from this voyage, and from the poor management of their leader, Shackleton knew what to do - and what not to do - on his expedition. He believed that the poor leadership skills could make or break an expedition, and so put a lot of time in making friends with his crew and gaining their respect and adoration. As an example, he kept everyone on the same level, devoid of social classes, by making everyone scrub floors. No one could cop-out on their floor duties.There was a photographer on the ship for financial reasons. The photos Hurley took on the voyage were sent to a paper who...

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