The Life Expectancy Gap Between Men And Women

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This essay will be, centrally, focusing on critically examining the differences in health and life expectancy between men and women. In order to do so, theories and arguments will be drawn upon to illustrate it. Furthermore, there will be an overview of the statistical data that presents these findings and demonstrate the differences in health and life expectancy between men and women. In order to enhance the arguments that has been put forward, the research will not only be based in UK but other countries will be taken into account. Additionally, a cross-cultural analysis will be used to look at differences across societies and how effective this is in showing the health and life expectancy between men and women. In the beginning of the essay a clear concept of sex and gender will be provided to illustrate the difference between the two on top of paying a close attention to how they are used within our society, as well as the parts it plays in showing the health and life expectancy between men and women.

In health and life expectancy between men and women, ‘gender’ and ‘sex’ are two parts that may illustrate using different methods. Gender is perceived to be one part of a person that identifies who they are as well as show how they see themselves and others around them. Gender is what makes men and women different in the way that they behave. Gender is also what gives men and women their different identities within the society, which is usually seen as femininity or masculinity (Blunt and Wills, 2000). However, ‘sex’ can usually be mistaken for ‘gender’ and mostly be identified as men and women. What distinguishes ‘sex’ and ‘gender’ is that ‘sex’ is the biological anatomical identification of men and women, where as ‘gender’ is more the social and cultural influences of men and women which shapes how they behave and act on their roles within society, as men and women differently (Blunt and wills, 2000) (How is this Link to health and life expectancy between men and women )

Since the 19th century, in modern developed countries it has been widely recognized that women have a longer life expectancy, of an average of 81.9 years compared to men with an average of 77.1 years from birth (Compton and Ashwin, 2000). Although women have a longer life expectancy of 7.1 years more than men, they yet suffer from a higher rate of both physical and mental illness compared to men. This is often referred to as a ‘paradox’ (Bird and Rieker, 2008). Despite the fact that reasons why women are sicker and men die quicker remains complex, however different factors contribute to why those significant differences are observed.

Some proposed reasons are seen to be biological differences. This has been further drawn upon by the ‘bio-medical model’. The framework of the bio-medical model has been used for many years in order to find the differences in health and life expectancy between men and women. This model’s reason is based on looking at their biological...

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