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Temptations Of The Enemy Essay

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The enemy has used the same tactics on me for quite some time now to where I find it hard to distinguish what is me and what is him. This is all a mental game to be honest. I really believe that who I really am is the guy that the opposite of what my normal activities may be. Needless to say, my mental mind has to regard control to whom and what God wants me to be.
Honestly, I believe that Satan wants me to believe that I am mentally unstable to have control of myself mentally. I see it has, Satan is really trying to take away one of the things that God know we will function right or wrong after. Picture it as our bodies is a model of a car and our brain with coexists with our thoughts as the engine is to a car. Without a motor all you have is a well put together car frame that is unusable without a motor. That is where I found myself at a crossroads to engage at God fully or give into my mental agony and see life slap me over and over again. The reason I believe that the fight is to get my mental mind set is that I there is something unique to how I think and process things. To the point where I may think of something that is on a large analytical scale. Satan knows that without my mentality being in its proper place, I will become useless to honor Gods calling for me. Sadly to say, I have believed and still struggling in believing Satan’s lies. Interesting fact is that it was always my weakness as a kid. No matter what I did there was ALWAYS something that took my mind off of what I needed to do or confused to why the thoughts still is run in my brain.
The fact is, Satan may come at me with all types of temptations such as; lust, pride, laziness, ECT; but my biggest fight is the battle of my minds. I allowed the antagonizing ongoing torture to run me all of these years and I have more opportunities passed then opportunities accomplished. Truth is, the more lies I hear the more vulnerable I am towards Satan’s other attack. For example today on the 12th of January I know that my mind is fighting and I am attempting to take...

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