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The Power Of Stories Essay

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The Power of Stories

Many people tell stories to inform others about themselves. Throughout my life people in my family have told me many stories, and behind each story there is a purpose. The stories I was told growing up were about experiences that people in my family have had or things that I have done. These stories mean a lot to me because through these stories different family members reveal many things about themselves. They want me to understand their ideas, beliefs, or feelings about a certain subject. They want people to praise or admire what they have done or accomplished. Funny stories are told to humor or embarrass someone, usually me. Other stories express that we are not alone in the world, and there are other people, like my aunt, that have had similar experiences.

The first stories that I remember being told were from my mom. She told us stories about her childhood and her times before she had us kids because she wants my siblings and me to know things about her and what she’s done in life so far. My mom loves to tell us stories about her life, and although we tease her every time she starts another story, we like to hear them because it lets us know what she’s all about. Every time we would pass a place where she had lived, we knew we were in for another story that we had already heard a million times before. Then when I went to college she started telling me stories about her college life. She talked about the places she had lived, like her sorority house, and the things she had done while she was there. She mentioned one story about how she and the other sisters would sit out one the roof of their house and listen to their music while out there. The other stories my mom would tell me were about how her life was during her childhood years. There were thirteen children so there were many stories to pass along. The one that I remember the most was how every Sunday they would hurry to get all the dinner dishes cleaned so that they could go to the movies. This was a very exciting thing to them because they did not have enough money to do many things, and this was always an activity that they could do together. I think she told this story to show us, her kids, that life wasn’t always easy for everyone. Just a simple thing for us, like going to the movies, was quite an event and a big highlight in their lives and that we need to appreciate what we have. This story was usually told after we acted spoiled or complained about something we had to do, like cleaning the house or whining that we just had to have one more toy.

The next stories that I heard a lot about were war stories from my grandpa; these particular stories made me realize just how lucky I am and how good I really have it. Although he did not like to tell these stories, my aunt would badger him until he would. Once he got started though you could tell he enjoyed passing on the experiences that he has had. These stories made me realize that life is never...

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