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Unity for me is a very touchy subject, mainly because my expectations are so high. As a senior, my class is a unique group of people. We have artists, worship leaders, adrenaline junkies, class clowns, workaholics, introverts, and extroverts. The class seems to both get along and disagree in the same breath. I see my class as having the potential for greatness, all the pieces are there. It just depends on whether or not they are willing to apply themselves, and to set themselves apart from the normal expectations. We are called to be extraordinary and part of that is to break the chains of individuality and enter into the freedom of unification.
Sadly, my class has never really been unified. The girls think the guys are immature and so due to this they assume that the guys are not capable to lead the class. The guys are upset that the girls will not let them lead and think the girls all hate them. Then half of us leave during the day, which is amazing in some regards but in the long run, we hardly see or talk to each other outside of school it is awful. This is the constant battle. Being in our separate groups makes this battle all the more difficult. At the beginning of the year, I set my expectations for class unity extremely high. However, after the retreat I gave up on those lofty aspirations. We can never agree with each other. As a person who likes to fix problems this was extremely stressful and frustrating. Even when we end up agreeing on something, we never listen to each other long enough to actually form a game plan around that idea. We are very independent, which is okay, when you not trying to plan an event or meeting.
I would love for my class to become unified in Christ, and that we would all be searching and longing after Him. It is my desire to have a class who is fully in touch with the heart of God. This class will never meet my impossible expectations. They do not meet my thoughts of what a unified class should look like and be, but they are teaching me...

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