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The Energy Source Problem And Proposed Solutions

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In our generation, Sustainable energy is the most important aim that countries try to make effectively. It is a well discussed topic with various opinions and researches results relating to particular aspects of energy sources. Discussing and talking about sustainable energy will assist people how to use sustainable energy in effective way. As it is known , sustainable energy is saving energy that benefits us in present without hurting or affecting the ability of benefits of next generations. The aims of sustainable energy lie primarily in reducing pollution that affects our environment, and saving energy. This essay contains problems of energy sources, and solutions which are sustainable sources of energy, and the effects of those solutions if they are applicable.
Energy sources have some effects that are able to influence our health and spending in bad way. First, using fuels can affect our health in hurt way. Most of people can bear exposure to oil odors for a short time. However, inhalation of fuels vapors can affect the ability of smelling for any human. Also, excessive exposure of fuels vapors can cause more dangerous health problems such as headache, poor coordination and nausea. Some newspapers in USA in the last century wrote about many cases of death of some workers who died in petroleum factories strangled because they did not wear protective masks. In addition, gas is another one of the most important sources that people depend on, and has many problems that force people to reduce using it. Gas is considered as a renewable energy source. It results from wastes that produces it and make it decomposed in field without any benefits at all. In addition to releasing heat methane into the air leading to global warming. Furthermore, gas prices are increasing day after day. For example, Tom Kloza an experienced in oil and gas prices in USA said that the average of gas prices will rise in the next months about 4.75$ for each gallon.
As oil and gas have some effects in our life, solar panels and wind turbines are a substitute energy source which give us more benefits with less effects. First, When we say solar energy we mean generating electricity or heat...

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