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The Energy Transformation In An Incandescent Globe

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With the ever-growing need for more efficient energy means, the time has come to act upon our sustainability ideals. In today’s society, it is almost impossible to by the old incandescent bulbs, however, there are other energy saving types that need comparison as well- and the incandescent still need to be considered. In this report, with the aid of diagrams and visual aids- the three main types of lighting will be compared and explained.
This first diagram is an incandescent globe. It comes in sizes of 40, 60, 100 and 150 Watts. However, even though there is a larger energy input there is a rather small energy output in the form of light. Most of it is converted into heat. Thus, this form ...view middle of the document...

This second diagram is of a fluorescent globe. Fluorescents are generally the choice for many consumers due to their low price and low energy usage. However, although they are considered energy efficient- an LED light is more. It uses less energy- but at an expense. Compared to the LED, the fluorescent may be less energy efficient but more value. For a little more energy, you get a lot lighter room and when calculated accurately it states that a fluorescent light is the best choice.
How the compact fluorescent works is not a mystery, but is hard for one to word. The energy is transferred along copper wires, which do not produce much heat. This is a form of kinetic energy. As the electrons move along the circuit, they move along the mercury- which is why the fluorescent takes so long to start up. This is the dividing factor between CFLs and other major categories of globes. The mercury is hazardous- but in a bulb twice as efficient, what does it matter?
The advantages of this type of lighting are by far the fact that it emits a large amount of lumens for a small amount of energy and the fact that a lot of the output is light instead of heat. The disadvantages are that this bulb uses more energy than that of the LED and thereby costs more to run and the bill is likely to rise.
On the left is an LED bulb. As aforementioned, it uses the least watts per hour. The most efficient in wattage and the least efficient in terms of lumens, the LED light is not a bad choice. Although the light output is minimal- the heat output is virtually close to nil. If one was to replace all their lights in favour of conversion to LED- then the lights would dim but be more efficient.
The diagram pretty much speaks for itself- LEDs are more efficient because they are easy to rn and don’t...

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