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The Engaged Professional Essay

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The Engaged Professional


The overarching ethical issue within the Helping Molly scenario that will be analysed is the discrimination against a person based on their weight with an underlying issue of whether or not it is ethical to disregard a person due to their appearance in order to maximise financial gains. This is apparent within the scenario when McJacks tries to apply the condition of dropping Molly from any advertising photos due to her ‘big build’ and concern of negative publicity regarding the company image.
The ethical frameworks of Non Consequentialism, Consequentialism, Virtue and Care will be applied to analyse this scenario.
Non Consequentialism is an action based perspective considering acts are right or wrong in relation to the rules or principles surrounding the act disregarding any following consequences (Burgh, Field, & Freakley, 2006). The most recognized version was developed by Kant and includes the idea that moral is to be based upon what a reasonable human would do (Preston, Sampford, & Connors, 2002). Natural rights are the belief that everybody has particular basic rights that nobody can violate. Rousseau’s (Jouvenet, 1984) Principles of Social Contracts are socially developed formal and/or informal rules and principles that are active yet can be changed within communities. Both are sub categories of Non Consequentialism along with Divine Command which calls for a deity or spiritual beliefs that identify the right or wrong ways a person may live their life however, I am assuming that Divine Command is not applicable to this situation. The final sub category is Deontology this is the idea that acts are classed as right or wrong with the consideration of both what a good person would do and that the rule would extend to apply on a more universal level (Alexander & Moore, 2007).
Based upon this framework the teacher ought to decline the offer of the proposal. By accepting the proposal there are social contracts being broken such as the teacher’s Duty of Care and Code of Conduct, and the act of acceptance would suggest that it is universally acceptable to discriminate against someone based on their weight. The possibilities arising from declining the offer could include a review of school policy and program implementation surrounding and encouraging students to foster informed and healthy lifestyle choices. These programs have the potential to be rewards based, to some extent in order to engage all students. The act of declining could possibly reinforce the notion that rules and principles are in place for reasons, including protecting students and allowing the teacher to perform her job without jeopardising the duties regarding her job description. This could model to the students how an active member of society should behave.
Consequentialism is an agent based ethical framework focusing on the minimisation of the negative consequences deriving from an action (Burgh, et al.,...

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