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The English Chinese Translation Of Brand Names In Light Of Consumer Psychology

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Abstract: Translation as a way of communication not only transforms languages but also transplants cultural information. Thus, brand name translation as other translation is a form of cross-cultural communication and is influenced by various cultural factors. This paper tries to explore the methods of English-Chinese brand name translation in light of the features of Chinese consumer psychology.Key words: brand names; Chinese consumer psychology; translation; methodsIntroductionNowadays, brand plays a more important role in the economic life in China and it affects people's life from every aspect. Consequently, how to properly translate those brand names of imported commodities has become a social focus and is strategically important for those multinational corporations that want to succeed there.Brand name translation is a persuasive communication. It is the special tool marketers use to persuade consumers to act in a desired way. It is a bridge between marketers and consumers, and between consumers and their social culture environment. Therefore, to translate foreign brand names into Chinese, translators not only have to associate it with the characteristics and customs of Chinese, but also conform and cater to the pursuit of Chinese consumers' psychology.I. Brief Introduction of Brand and Brand NameBrand is a commercial term. It is a name, sign symbol or some combination used to identify the products of one firm and to differentiate them from competitive offerings. The ingredients in a brand constitute the product itself, the packaging, the brand name, the promotion, the advertising and the overall. The brand is therefore a synthesis of all these elements, physical, aesthetic, rational and emotional. Essentially, the end result must be not only appropriate but also differentiate from the brands of other competitors.Generally, brand consists of two parts: the literal name, which can be pronounced, and the graphic design, which is usually the body of a registered trademark. The literal name is called brand name which is one kind of commodity and has its own values. Being the symbol of the commodities, the brand name is always unique and beautiful so as to activate the consumers' purchasing desires or help them to distinguish it from various commodities. To achieve this effect, the designing process of a brand name is always associated with psychology, sociology as well as culture. The designing process is so complex and so is the translating job. A translator should cover many fields so as to learn the target market and its culture before he starts to translate. Among the above elements, consumers' psychology is the main focus of this paper.II. Chinese Consumer PsychologyIn brand name translation, special attention should be paid to consumer psychology so as to meet their psychological preference and needs.Chinese consumer psychology is inseparable from the long history of Chinese culture. Under the influence of the traditional culture there are...

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