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The English School System/ This Essay Argues That The English School System (In Uk) Shuts Out Students And Denies Them A Chance At A Decent Education If They Don't Preform Well In Exams.

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Is the English School System Oppressive and Exclusive?The British ideal, the product of the English school system: a handful of aristocratic, disciplined young adults polished to shine by the few prestigious English universities. However, the majority of the population, those that failed that one crucial exam at ages as young as three, are left unenthusiastic, underachieving learners with little hope of bettering their position.The unique practice of forcing young children to pass future- determining exams puts unneeded pressure on the child and takes the fun out of learning. Young boys like my brother are forced to prepare for grueling exams at the tender age of eight, while trying to balance studying with their daily habit of playing with legos or playing in the park with friends. Some nights he cries, lamenting that he isn't "top of the class". He is unmotivated and is cajoled only by the promise of seeing his friends but dreading another day of screaming teachers. Young children are forced to study, when they should be learning the invaluable lesson that school is fun. The English curriculum and teaching style does not cater for those children who are not strong in memorization techniques and handwriting. This also puts many children at a disadvantage, especially that large percentage of the population who do not reach their full academic potential until they get into secondary school. At this time, when they do start to perform to their ability level it is too late, because they have already taken that crucial exam, which placed them in a less academic school with an inferior teaching staff.English school league tables put unnecessary pressure on schools to perform in standardized exams. It is a top priority of the schools to place highly in these yearly published league tables, which are a key factor prospective pupils and parents use to choose their school, and they are on which the school's reputation is formed. This means that the schools only teach the essential components needed for their students to pass these exams, with little thought to the later repercussions of the limited knowledge obtained during that year- long period. Schools put a large amount of pressure on the teachers, which they in turn pass on to the pupils, pressure to glorify their teachers and school,...

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