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No, the “English Tragedy” does not relate to the Queen, that is the first fact that should be established. Instead, it is about English, the language itself. George Orwell warned readers of the negative consequences stemming from the degrading quality of English in both 1984 and his essay “Politics and the English Language”. In both pieces of writing, Orwell is able to demonstrate the effects that language can have on the thoughts of those who speak it. In 1984, he is able to emphasize how the lack of language can limit thought, and ultimately society. In “Politics and the English Language”, Orwell demonstrates how bad English will, “construct your sentences for you” (Orwell, 6) and make the ...view middle of the document...

To “paint a very different world” is an atrocious use of metaphors, since it is used in regard to climate change commitment. Where the writer has a tremendous opportunity to create a visual of the effects of climate change commitment, they instead choose to insert a meaningless phrase that weakens their writing and makes it bad English by Orwell’s standards.
Meaningless words are words that have been diluted down because of the positive connotations they possess. The most common use is in politics, but they have spread to almost any subject that involves sales or other forms of persuasion. They are terms that are meant to be manipulated so that they can be used in the deception of the reader. An example is when the writer simply describes the impact as “widespread” (3), instead of citing actually data points to show the effects. The presented idea of the impacts being widespread has only as much value as the reader gives it. Another example is when he writer states, “cutting emissions now ‘increases the time available to a particular level of climate change,’” (1) and instead of providing a level of climate change, they use the meaningless phrase of, “particular level of”. The purpose of it is to affect the reader in a more drastic way than statistics probably would.
The final piece of bad English that is used is pretentious diction. This is the over-complication of something in order to reflect on a group or writer better. Pretentious diction appears throughout the writing, through the mentioning of things such as the, “Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change” (1) to terms such as, “food security” and, “impoverished” (3). The panel name is not the responsibility of the writer, and shows how widespread the usage of pretentious diction is. The unnecessary name...

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