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One event can change the whole world’s perception. One day, approximately 58 years ago at 2:10 pm, December 5, 1945 (Bryner), five Navy planes, known as Flight 19, took off from their base in Florida, and neither the planes nor the crew were ever found (National Geographic). Thus, a legend was born. Being one of the most strangest and dangerous place on earth, Bermuda Triangle has achieved its nickname as the “Devil’s Triangle” and “Limbo of the Lost” (Bryner). Many planes and ships from around the world have travelled through the Bermuda Triangle and vanished without a trace, never ever to be seen again. For many years, this has been an issue for scientists and experts from all over the world to research out the real reason behind this unfathomable mystery. Researches about its geographic location, theories made up by scientists and experts, and evidences of losses have made up to what we know today: The Bermuda Triangle Enigma.
Bermuda Triangle is an imaginary area located in the Atlantic coast of the United States. This area has often been recorded for its high percentage of unexplained disappearances and losses of ships and aircrafts. The Bermuda Triangle is surrounded by these following countries: Miami, Florida, San Juan, and Puerto Rico (Naval History & Heritage Command). Since long time ago, this area had already been noted for its unusual features. Christopher Columbus wrote about the bizarre compass bearings in that area. It’s one of the only two places on Earth— the other one being the east coast of Japan, where it points to true north. Normally, it points to magnetic north (Radford). If the errors or compass variation, which is the difference between the true north and magnetic north, are not solved, it may cause fatal destruction to that area (Naval History & Heritage Command). The seafloor of the Bermuda Triangle is also unusual and peculiar. Some of the deepest underwater trenches are found in the Bermuda Triangle. The sea floor in Bermuda Triangle is mostly 19,000 feet below sea level. On its south, the Puerto Rico Trench is 27,500 feet below sea level (National Geographic). Strong currents are found surrounding that area. It was thought that the biggest problem there is usually the hurricanes. "The biggest issues in that area normally are hurricanes, but it's not particularly a spawning area for storms," said Dave Feit, chief of the marine forecast branch of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Marine Prediction Center.
Scientists and experts all over the world have researched and made many different theories and causes about this one mystery. One cause of this disappearance can be a temperamental Mother Nature. The weather in Bermuda Triangle is categorized as a tropical weather. The satellite did not detect many storms in the Bermuda Triangle because the storms were so short yet so intense that they build up and dissolve quickly (Strange and Paranormal Activities). The Sargasso Sea, a strange area within the...

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