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The Enlightened: Louis Pasteur Essay

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Louis Pasteur was the fore runner and is debated of be the father of modern biology as we know it today. Being versed in many sciences such as chemistry, microbiology and his own creation stereochemistry; Pasteur made many discoveries that helped in many of French industries gaining him many honors of which include Frances highest honor the Legion of Honour. (Encyclopædia) For all of what Pasteur did, whether it be save France from financial ruin or his creation of vaccines; Pasteur will go down as history as one of the greatest men and scientist to have ever lived.
Louis amazing story begins at his birth on December 27, 1882 in the city of Dole, France. (Manning) His father was Jean-Joseph Pasteur, a tanner of cattle and sheep hides, was a renowned sergeant major during the Napoleonic wars, which earned him the Legion of Honour. (Berger 3-21) (Encyclopædia) It is told that Jean-Joseph would read bedtime stories to his son about glories of France, instilling a strong patriotism that later became one of the key elements of his character as an adult. (Encyclopædia) Ironically the scientifically well-suited mind of Pasteur found art as his first love in life because he was “not and exceptional student” (Berger 3-21) For no reason found he changed his mind after receiving a bachelor of arts degree in 1840 he decided to become a distinguished professor and earned his bachelor degree of science in 1842 at the Royal College of Besancon. (Encyclopædia) To further his education he took the entrance exam to the Ecole Nomale in Paris, the school founded by Napoleon to professors for the school of France. He placed fifth tenth the first time and although he was accepted he waited to take the exam again the next year, where he placed fourth. (Berger 3-21) With the drive and motivation Pasteur had to become a distinguished professor he obtained his masters and doctorate of science also with his advanced degree in physical science, though unknown at the time gave him the knowledge he needed to help save France and the people of the world from poverty and disease. (Encyclopædia)
The time of enlightenment in Europe was to reform society using reason, challenge ideas grounded in tradition and faith, and advance knowledge through the scientific method. It promoted scientific thought, skepticism, and intellectual interchange; no man better exemplifies this than Louis Pasteur. While working with his first project, tartrate and paratatrate crystals, Pasteur noticed that a balanced mixture of both right and left crystals was optically inactive. The discovery of this molecular asymmetry is the foundation of stereochemistry. Creating him to believe that asymmetry was one of the fundamental characteristics of living matter which went against what everyone else ever believed. (Encyclopædia) Another of his important discoveries was when he helped a brewer of the name M. Bigo who was having trouble with some of his batches. Taking samples of vats of good beer and...

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