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The Enormous Radio. Essay

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Jim and Irene Westcott are part of the upper-middle class community in the fashionable area on New York City\rquote s east side. They live on the 12th floor of an apartment building near Sutton Place, which is a suburban community outside New York. The Westcott\rquote s have a very passionate love for the theatre and music this is why when there radio goes out they almost immediately purchased a new one. The Westcott\rquote s purchase of the new radio is supposed to bring \ldblquote enjoyment\rdblquote (Cheever 235), but in actually it brings out things they didn\rquote t want to face. The building in which the Westcott\rquote s live is a culture in itself and the radio in the voice of that culture, serving as a link between the image and reality. The radio brings into conflict the fae7ade and the truth.\parOn the surface, the Westcott\rquote s are an affluent family that is living the American dream. They attend the theatre 10.3 times a year and they differ from there friends and neighbors in that they shared an interest in music. They loved to go to concerts and sit and listen to classical music on the radio. There style of dress demonstrated there status in society. When it is cold Irene wears a fur coat that is dyed to resemble mink. Jim dresses equally dazzling, as if he attends an elite boarding school of some kind. When there old radio breaks, Jim didn\rquote t think twice about ordering one for the house right away, \ldblquote the radio was delivered to the kitchen door the following afternoon, and with the assistance of her maid and the handy man Irene uncrated it and brought it into the living room\rdblquote (229) . The Westcott\rquote s also had a maid that lived in the basement that helped with the daily chores and with the children. The children attend private school, which cost the family eight hundred dollars to get them into. Jim gives Irene money to pay the bills and for personal things. There is nothing that states what Jim does for a living, but Irene is not employed. \tab\parThings seem to be good for the Westcott\rquote s and the rest of the people on the building as well. There neighbors throw parties and live the affluent lifestyle just as the Westcott\rquote s do. The people, like Jim and Irene attend dinner parties not only in the building but around the city as well. The Westcott\rquote s have a lot in common with there neighbors, such as values, goals, and way of life. There is one exception to this notion however, this is music. According to current health magazine, \ldblquote Music soothes and relaxes; soft music with long, gentle notes is what many people play to relax.\rdblquote (Ezarik) It also makes clear the fact that slow, classical music will melt anger and stress away. Listening to music for the Westcott\rquote s relieves the pressure of facing what was truly going on in there lives and in there building.\parWhen they bring the new radio in the house, it stands out against the rest of the living room, and it...

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