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The Process Of Change, Guided By A Psychiatric Nurse

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1) What is change?

Change means different things to various individuals. Personally, change is a

continuous journey of transformation. Although this journey is experienced differently it

can lead to similar outcomes such as, new experiences and Individual growth. To better

understand the journey of change, it needs to be visualized as a system consisting of these

three levels, thoughts, feelings and behaviors. To prepare for change, an individual has to

promote self awareness by understanding thoughts, feelings and behaviors pertaining

to change.

2) Does change occur only through thought?

Since change is a system and thought is a building block of that system, change

does not occur only through thought, but as an element of thought. I considered thought as

the first level of change due to the fact that, the individual needs to comprehend the meaning

of change. This can be accomplished through thought, by taking into account the

advantages or disadvantages, and the necessity or possibility of change. This stage also

enables an individual to form their own opinion about the process of change without

making a formal decision. The journey of thought is of great significance, since it enables

the individual to mentally view and consider the change in conjunction with their beliefs.

For change to begin, an individual undergoes a mental thought process, this procedure

helps the individual formulate ideas on how this change will affect them.

3) Does change occur only through feelings?

The next level of the change system is the individuals feelings and this is just

another building block to change so it does not occur only through thought. This is also an

important aspect of the system because the individual is either associating or dissociating,

therefore this stage can promote of inhibit the change process. In this stage of change the

individual is seeking knowledge and understanding in regards to their feelings about

change. By understanding and being aware of one's feelings, one can determine the cause

of such feelings and work toward a solution. Regardless of the clients views towards

change, as long as they recognize their feelings towards the situation, they will be better

equipped to promote or inhibit their journey towards change.In this phase the therapist

helps the client explore their feelings about this journey, because any form of change if not

understood can be scary to anyone. Once this feelings are explored and understood,the

client is ready to proceed to the next step.

4) Does change occur only through behavior?

Change cannot occur only through behavior since, it is part of a system. Behavior

helps an individual determine their response to change, their actions towards it and if their

behavior is congruent to change. I chose to discuss behavior last because, the action can be

a sort of...

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