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The Process Of Recruiting, Hiring, And Maintaining Staff In The Hospitality Industry

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When considering the potential and success of any organization, consideration and thought must be applied to the employees. The process of recruiting, hiring, and maintaining staff is critical in the hospitality industry. The employees serve as direct branding and marketing for the company, supplying the customers, or guests, with an experience that meets, exceeds, or fails expectations. The experience given by the employees ultimately determines the satisfaction of new and repeat guests, therefore guiding the company toward its level of success. In my personal experiences of working at hotels, the interaction between employee and guest is the most important. Due to the important role of every employee, there must be a strong foundation and expectation for hiring those who are qualified. This will require a company to identify clear job descriptions along with qualifications and skills to accomplish the desired goals. Strong research and strategies into the recruitment and hiring of select employees will prove to be necessary to create the basis for a successful and thriving organization.
The case study, “Recruitment at the Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa,” presented a daunting task which the hotel found themselves having to confront; recruiting, screening, and hiring 5,000 employees to fill hundreds of positions (Aamodt, 2010). When having to build a staff of such large scale, the methods to acquire such applicants must also be of large scale. It would be beneficial for the company to utilize multiple avenues in order to recruit a broad base of applicants, while targeting highly-qualified personnel. A few methods that would be very valuable in this situation are electronic media (radio, internet, and television ads), innovative written ads, internet, and job fairs. “The potential advantage to using electronic media for recruitment is that 95% of Americans listen to the radio at least weekly, and the average person spends four hours a day listening to the radio compared with 45 minutes reading the newspaper,” (Aamodt, 2010, pg. 119). Television and radio campaigns can also create a clear branding image that could entice prospective applicants. While radio, television, and internet ads will increase the number of applicants, innovative and creative ads can attract the desired high-quality employees. Job fairs are another good source for reaching out to a significant number of people while presenting a clear representation of the organization, being a means to “provide information in a personal fashion to as many applicants as possible,” (Aamodt, 2010, pg 129). All of these options are going to be a significant financial investment, but are necessary to produce the desired outcome of a large-scale recruitment effort with the intentions of hiring thousands of highly-skilled and qualified applicants.
When, where, and how the organization decides to implement recruiting efforts all factor in to the overall success. While a large...

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