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The World Of Information Management Professionals

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Information science covers many subjects and fields, and many professionals, researchers, and educators are sheltered under the umbrella of information science. So many, in fact, that it has proven useful to sub-divide by specialty, and organizations have grown to support the members of these subdivisions. One such is The Association of Records Managers and Administrators, which was established in 1955 as a non-profit organization for information management professionals (ARMA International, 2011b). Its mission is “to provide education, research, and networking opportunities to information professionals, to enable them to use their skills and experience to leverage the value of records, information, and knowledge as corporate assets and as contributors to organizational success” (Saffady, 2009, p. 246). The oldest association for records and information managers, and the largest, the organization aims to provide for its members education and publications relevant to the field. It also strives to keep its members informed regarding the maintenance, preservation, and retrieval of information, in all types of organizations (Wiler, 2011).
Several years ago, the name was changed to ARMA International to reflect general changes in the field, including recognition of records managers as an important part of the field of information management (ARMA International, 2011c). ARMA International’s members now come from many sectors of the information management field, such as government and legal areas, healthcare and financial services, and even petroleum, and they include many types of professionals, from librarians to consultants, and from imaging specialists to IT managers. As of this year, ARMA International’s membership includes more than 11,000 people in over 30 countries (ARMA International, 2011b).
ARMA International is the publisher of the magazine Information Management, which is distributed to all members of the association (non-members can purchase subscriptions if desired) (Wiley, 2011). The magazine is published bi-monthly, and is the only publication available whose specific intended audience is the professional information manager, dealing daily with records and information. According to ARMA International, Information Management covers general news and analysis in the information management field, as well as cutting-edge topics and current events (ARMA International, 2011b). Aside from Information Management, members of ARMA International may join one of many local chapters, thereby gaining access to networking events, leadership opportunities, special seminars, and monthly meetings (Saffady, 2009). In addition, annual conferences are also held, with exhibits, networking opportunities, seminar sessions, and so forth (ARMA International, 2011a).
As the premier organization in the field, ARMA International also contributes heavily to records management standards and guidelines, including ISO-15489, the international standard...

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