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The Entrance Of The Europeans To Asian Sea Trading Network

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1.) As a whole, the entry of the Europeans into the Asian sea trading network had relatively little effect on the entire system. The entry of the Europeans into the network led to the establishment of new trade routes in the Indian Ocean to the southern Atlantic near the Cape of Good Hope. In water, the Europeans were superior militarily, but on land against fortified Asian settlements, the Asians far surpassed the Europeans technologically. The only superior items that the Europeans had were small, fast sea vessels such as caravels, clocks, and weaponry. This situation of inferiority led to the Europeans’ plan of adaptation to the Asian network instead of trying to control it. Although the ...view middle of the document...

This period of time was a time of curiosity and exploration. The Ming dynasty innovated the idea of mass exploration to new markets; however, this innovation did not last long due to the expensive costs and the lack of profitable prospects.

4.) As the Europeans delved further into the East, their culture threatened to influence indigenous ideology. With the expansion of European influence, Christianity spread further into the southeastern areas of Asia. Japan combated this by banning Christianity from the empire. Besides this, Europeans were then limited to trading only at the port of Deshima, limiting interaction between the two parties. Japan didn’t isolate themselves only from Europeans, but also from other Asian cultures, such as the Chinese. Instead of favoring Neo-Confucian philosophy, the Japanese diverged and created the National School of Learning, allowing them to focus and cultivate native ideas instead of relying on technological and cultural advancements made by others, essentially in quest of self-sustainment.

5.) The Europeans and Chinese cultures both made large investments into commercial expansion, but the means and motives for doing so differed greatly. Although the expanding...

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