The Environment And The Active Nurses In The Hospice Field

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The article by Lisa C. Lindley, Mary Lou Fornehed, and Sandra J. Mixer is about the similarities in the differences in the workplace between traditional and nontraditional hospice care takers. The writers point in their scholarly article is to understand the nurse perinatal hospice work environment to care for the fetus or infant, family and the mother until the in the pregnancy or the baby has passed away, and then even after to help prepare and support the family when their baby has passed.
Nurses can help ease their patient into their end-of-life plan better, if done carefully and cautiously. Another author, Kellie Lewis, is claiming that the move from the hospital (curative care) to a ...view middle of the document...

Family members can mean well, but many times can make the wrong choice for the patient. Emotions and misunderstandings are the most likely roles that play into the family members choices. This is where the need for hospice and palliative-care becomes relevant (Allari, B. H., 2004).
Authors, C. Klinger, D. Howell, D. Zakus, and R. Deber, are utilizing studies from Canada, the United States, Germany, and England to examine the contrast and approach to the barriers. There are a number of reasons why some people getting the attention that is needed. A few of those reasons are axles, informant interviews, themes and categories each country can felicitate, and the different issues that can be in affect from country to country. Not everyone can go to service that they need or want is because of the distance service can be difficult to achieve. The member is already in the service that is in question might be too great and professionals too small of a number to add another client. The number of care programs and what the programs provide it each country could also be a major factor. Other items are represented and dealt with differently from country to country and may decrease the odds of being able to be taking in to the program they need or want (Klinger, C. and team, 2014).
A survey was conducted to learn about the nurse work environment and to compare the differences and similarities of at perinatal and non-perinatal hospice providers. Perinatal hospice care-givers tended to not to be non-profit, non-freestanding, and located in metropolitan areas with a large RN unit and RN support staff. According to the study data used, perinatal hospices also are predominately teaching agencies. Perinatal hospices tend to be more conscious and focused on the safety and technology but, non-perinatal hospice care-givers show significant differences and accreditation status, patient acuity, faculty size, RN leadership, education, and certification or career climate. Non-perinatal hospices are however, predominantly freestanding, for profit, and like perinatal, are largely in metropolitan areas common as well. The authors have stated that 60% of hospices are, in fact, perinatal (L.C. Lindley and team, 2013).
Physicians at a curator sinner continue to attempt care after death is imminent and more commonly, the grounds of deaths are more likely to be multiple conditions rather than just one long lasting condition(Lewis, K., 2013). Hospice, palliative, and end-of-life care all have important difference of opinions. Hospice care is for...

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