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The Environment Is Everything That Isn’t Me

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The planet that we live on has provided many resources for the species inhabiting to use. The resources that are provided include; food, water, and an atmosphere. These resources are vital for survival for any species and it has sustained life since life has roamed the earth. When the human species is examined on how they use “survival” resources, they tend to use some resources that hurt the environment long term. Even though not all humans use resources poorly or use harmful resources, there is still an alarming amount of ill use that creates problems for Earth. Environmentalist are big advocates on trying to protect the world we live on and hinder the usage of resources that ultimately negatively affect Earth. Environmentalism shows the connection that humans have with nature negatively and positively.
Human connection with nature has negative effects that are shown in environmentalism. The most alarming negativity towards nature by humans would be the technology. An ...view middle of the document...

His example also shows how humans have invaded nature’s space which has led to the environment lacking species, which ultimately effects the environment. Deforestation can be an example as well of the connection between humans with nature having a negative effect because it depletes the oxygen in the environment, which endangers animals and also takes habitats away that lives in the forests. The negative connection between humans and nature is shown in Palmers text when he states that ‘utilitarianism advocates the greatest amount of happiness for the greatest number of people (pg. 324). This is shown with humans taking the natures resources to make the majority of humans happy, which in the humans minds satisfies their species without minding the nature as much. There are negative aftermath that environmentalism shows with the connection from humans with nature.
Positive effects can come with the connection of humans and nature. When the humans are educated about the effects of mistreating nature and why it should be prevented. There are many groups that are devised by humans such as the World Wildlife Fund or WWF to enlighten people to conserve and protect the environment for the long term. Governments as well do positive things to preserve nature like creating holidays like earth day (Gaylord Nelson), programs to clean up the environment, and laws preventing pollution or provide restrictions. In my perspective, there have been many pushes to protect nature like replacing what we use. I have seen this with trees on how if a tree is cut down in certain places, it is immediately replaced and planted with a new tree. With the awareness being raised on nature, it has saved many animal and plant species while bringing caution to humans and their actions. The awareness has spread to being a global movement and it has a positive impact on species like pumas that have moved away from severe low numbers and have had a population that is increasing. It is good to see that humans and nature can interact to a positive manner and have a big impact to preserve a suitable environment.
Environmentalism has brought many important aspects to try and save the only planet species can live on. Environmentalist do however show the conjunction with humans and how they affect nature positively and negatively.

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