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The Environment Of Samuel T. Graves Hall

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Graves hall, which was constructed in 1889, used to be the only building on the campus of Morehouse College during early years of operation. Graves hall used to house all college resources including living resources and classrooms. Today Graves hall is one of many residence halls on campus and is predominantly living quarters, as opposed to the various departments it used to house. Although some things about the hall has changed since 1889, some things remain the same. Graves hall is still producing noteworthy alums and is still a vital part of the institution, the city of Atlanta and the state of Georgia. The environment of Graves Hall is not always positive but both positive and negative environments aid in transforming boys into men by ushering a sense of responsibility and respect through stiff rules, policies and peer to peer relations, provides a safe, comfortable living space through various team building activities, heightened security and positive atmospheres, boost resident morale through functional facilities, and hall pride, and stimulates motivation to achieve by imposing high standards upon residents.
The key to the transformation of boys to men within Graves Hall is nurturing by ushering a sense of responsibility and respect through stiff rules and policies. Each resident hall on the campus of Morehouse College is governed by the Resident Housing Association. Although the RHA implies rules to all of its residence halls, it is up to the staff within the halls to enforce and determine the magnitude at which they will enforce the rules. It is apparent from many freshman students that the rules in their halls are not fully enforced and Graves Hall has the most enforced rules out of all other freshman living quarters. Jordan Rogers, a resident of another freshman hall, recently talked about how his fellow residents constantly engage in horseplay, fighting, and peer disturbance on a daily basis and expressed how laxed his resident leaders were when it came to enforcing the rules of the RHA. Timothy Shelton, also a resident of another residence hall, recently shared how residents would break rules and get no repercussion for them. In contrast, an incident occurred in Graves Hall where a resident broke visitation rules, as a result the resident leaders punished the entire hall for an extended period of time. Graves hall is not like any of the other halls, the RHA leaders within Graves strongly enforce the rules and force students to be responsible and respectful. Students inside of Graves know right from wrong and do not dare test the seriousness of the rules. The process of being responsible and learning how to follow rules is one that aids in the transformation of boys to men in the hall. Through strict rules, students inside of Graves hall are also forced to respect one another. Respect is a characteristic of manhood, so without learning how respect others, a boy can not be transitioned into a man. Responsibility and respect go hand...

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