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The Environmental Effects Of Air Pollution

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Air pollution remains as one of the most immense problems that modern society faces as of today. Dating back since the era of the Industrial Revolution, the usage of factories and heavy labor has introduced many unwelcome gases and substances to the atmosphere and many of today’s industries continue to worsen the situation of air pollution. Many people who were introduced to the Industrial Revolution cared less about pollution and as science began to expand, the awareness of air pollution has grown havoc towards today. The most severe environmental effects from air pollution are acid rain, ozone depletion, and global climate change. These remain as one of the most possible effects that may cause cataclysm and acid rain continues to grow severe in modern-day life.
Acid rain is one of the three main results from air pollution. It is described as precipitation containing precarious amounts of nitric and sulfuric acids. According to a document from website, the acids are created by nitrogen oxides and sulfur acids when fossil fuels (used for powering everyday electronics, such as cars) are burnt. Depending on environment and surrounding, the acids may form as wet precipitation (rain, snow, or fog) or dry precipitation (gases). Winds may carry them, possibly a hundred miles. In wildlife or uncivilized areas, trees can be disfigured. Soils and water bodies such as ponds and lakes can acidify, deteriorating underwater life. In civilized areas such as cities, acid can accelerate the decay of buildings and historical statues and sculptures. There are several possible methods of preventing acid rain through preventing air pollution. Governments have attempted to clean up industry smokestacks and fund alternative ways of reducing emissions of fossil fuels that create acid rain. These met with mixed results; even though if acid rain could be...

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