“The Environmental Group Greenpeace Is Taking The Wrong Positions On Environmental Issues.”

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Established in 1971, Greenpeace is a global environmental organization. This non-profit group is known for using of non-violent, creative confrontation in order to expose environmental issues to the global citizens. The confrontation includes protesting nuclear power, genetic enhancement, salmon farming and deforestation (Huebner, 2006). However, the actions of Greenpeace are controversial. While some have praised for its success of influencing environmental policies, some other people, even its co-founder, Patrick Moore (2005), criticized that it has taken the wrong position, which is “abandoning science and logic”. It will be argued in this paper that Greenpeace is right for protesting ...view middle of the document...

Moreover, apart from the amount of people who died because of the cancers caused by radiation, we should also take account of the genetic damage, which could be produced decades after radiation exposure (Weyler, 2011). We should recognize that the number of people whose health would be harmed by the radiation from nuclear plant exposure is unpredictable. And the radiation exposure could result in long-term effects that damage the health of the next generation. We should never take the risk of sacrificing a single human life for the generation of electricity. Furthermore, it requires about 7,000 nuclear reactors to generate enough electricity for replacing the current hydrocarbon energy production (Weyler, 2011). Additionally, the cost of building a new nuclear plant in the UK is about £6 billion, which does not include other expenditure such as insurance, waste or safety (Weyler, 2011). Therefore, it is impossible to increase such a big scale of nuclear plants. Thus, Greenpeace is not taking the wrong position in term of lobbying against developing nuclear power.

Secondly, Greenpeace is correct for protesting against farmed salmon. The group is taking the right position for not supporting salmon farming. Moore (2005) claimed that the practice of salmon farming does not only cause no damage to the environment, but also could provide “the most nutritious, heart-friendly food available.” He also asserted that salmon farming may decrease the pressure on wild stocks and criticized that eating wild fish, but not farmed fish, could cause environmental damage. However, Watson (2005) believed that farm-raised salmon could not solve the problem of diminishing wild species. As a matter of fact, he argued that Moore failed to mention the truth that salmon raised in the farm would also consume other...

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