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“The Environmental Group Greenpeace Is Taking The Wrong Positions On Environmental Issues.” Discuss This Statement

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First of all, the attitude taken by Greenpeace on agriculture is a responsible one. For example, they have a negative stance on the genetic enhancement problem. However, some opponents have totally different opinions. Take Patrick Moore as an example, he said that the activists in the environmental group have no tolerance about the genetic enhanced food (Moore, 2005). It mentioned that there is no evidence show that genetic enhanced food can be harmful to human health and global environment (Moore, 2005). Therefore, he persisted in his opinion and had a conclusion that promotion of genetic enhancement will be much helpful for agriculture. “Genetically enhanced crops reduce chemical pesticides, boost yield and reduce soil erosion” (Moore, 2005). However, it is quiet misleading to say that activists cannot accept it without any reasons. In this case, lacking of evidence does not mean that genetic enhancement and enhanced food are totally beneficial for environment. On the other ...view middle of the document...

Nevertheless, people still need to choose different kinds of renewable energy because some of them can be dangerous and harmful as well. For wind and solar power, many environmental groups support and promote these new energies for a long time (Watson, 2005). However, Greenpeace think about the issue comprehensively and have a conclusion that wind and solar power can be used if people can solve scale and replacement problems (Weyler, 2011). This one is very realistic because it will be very costly if people want to change current traditional power sources (Weyler, 2011). For nuclear energy, there is a big conflict among different organizations. Firstly, in (Moore, 2006), Patrick Moore mentioned, “It is the only large-scale, cost-effective energy source that is able to reduce these emissions.” It is wrong since Patrick Moore ignores some important procedures. (Weyler, 2011) said that the plant constructer of nuclear energy will make a lot of carbon and it is not a free-carbon energy. Furthermore, decommissioning makes additional carbon because of the limited life of nuclear plants (Weyler, 2011). Secondly, (Moore, 2006) argues that nuclear energy is trustworthy due to the concrete containment structure and there is no injury or death can been found in nearby people, like residents or workers. The claim is wrong because that it is difficult for us to know how many people died from the radiation (Weyler, 2011). Again, no sufficient evidences do not mean that the energy is harmless. Finally, (Moore, 2006) thinks that nuclear energy is the cheapest sources and advanced technology will cut down the cost in the future. It may be his expectation about the renewable energy in the future. In fact, (Weyler, 2011) told us that the energy is quite costly. Take USA as an example, the average reactor needs $1.3 billion in subsidies and it is a very heavy burden for the country and the public. Furthermore, placement of traditional energy will cost much money because people need a lot of new reactors every year to ensure that nuclear energy can provide sufficient energy to use. In conclusion, the above are the reasons why Greenpeace oppose the movements and make a right choice about renewable energy issues.

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