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Through extensive research and deep contemplation I have decided to report about a renowned organization known as the Environmental Protection Agency. Also known as EPA for short, this is an organization of complexity thus would require for an in depth writing. In the process of trying to execute a profound research report, I only discovered that to do such would require a year and a day worth of time; however, with the given abundant resources, I came to the realization that there were aspects of this organization that needs to be brought to attention, discussed and made accessible to everyone. This report should enable you to be more understanding of the EPA and its mission, who they are and what they do. In addition, one will be able to assess how and where it began. Finally, we will list some of EPA's accomplishments and discuss why some of them are important for the well-being of the environment.As stated on the official Environmental Protection Agency website, EPA is an organized agency whose mission is "to protect human health and the environment {1}". Employing well over 18,000 people across the country, the agency has its main headquarters in Washington D.C. To ensure that all U.S. regions are safeguarded, the organization has established 10 regional offices and more than a dozen labs across the US; all of which are located in different places. Altogether these various establishments are known by many as one agency that has been working and striving for a cleaner, safer and healthier environment for the American people.The recognition of an autonomous regulatory body dates back to more than three decades ago. This was due to the growing public demand for safer water, air and land prompted by numerous scandals, such as the 1969 Cuyahoga River. Since the government was not exactly constructed to counter attack pollutants and ensure environmental stability, numerous debates and reform proposals were presented, yet they were not agreed upon. According to the wikipedia website, a man by the name of Roy Ash had been working with President Nixon on a possible program that would be suitable to the needs of addressing the posed issues {2}. In July 1970, subsequent to his consultation with Ash, the President proposed to congress the establishment of an institution that would oversee the enforcement of environmental policy; however, it was not until December 2, 1970 when President Nixon and congress witnessed the establishment of this agency. The executive and legislative branches presented the EPA as a vital institution with the following core intentions: • The establishment and enforcement of environmental protection standards consistent with national environmental goals.• The conduct of research on the adverse effects of pollution and on methods and equipment for controlling it; the gathering of information on pollution; and the use of this information in strengthening environmental protection programs and recommending policy...

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