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The Environmental Trend Essay

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This report is going to investigate the environmental trend in terms of where it originated from and its future. This information will also be put into the context of the beauty, travel and fashion industry.
Based on the findings throughout this investigation a suitable brand will be chosen and a 3 year strategy will be created in terms of how they can use this environmental trend.
Environmental trend (420 words)
The environmental trend has been around for over a hundred years, recently becoming hugely popular with brands as a way to give back to the environment. This trend began with the industrial revolution where the population stopped living off the land and created a world revolving around burning fossil fuels, steam engines and other technological advances. Making the world industrial and urbanised meant people became disconnected from nature and began to no longer live off the land but use nature simply as a resource. In the last century the impact the nation had on the planet only grew as the population continued to increase meaning a greater deal of fossil fuel was used to support this inflection of people. (The 11th hour, documentary film, 2007)
In the late 1990’s people became increasingly aware of the negative effect burning these harmful fuels and gases has on our planet, thus we have seen a rise in the number of environmentalists in recent years. The knowledge the nation has gained surrounding global warming has led to an increase in the levels of recycling, energy efficient homes and businesses and an overall attempt at reducing the negative impact on the earth. However globalisation and consumerism caused by corporate greed has left the nation believing that the economy is the most important factor in today’s society due to the constant news reports on the world economy and very little about the damage man is having on the environment. (The 11th hour, documentary, 2007)
Most brands are taking a stand and supporting the environment and local community in order to make a difference, but others are using this trend mainly for greed and increased profit levels. (Managing innovation, design and creativity, Bettina Von Stamm, 2003) They have realised that more consumers emotionally connect to this ‘ECO-CHIC’ trend. Consumers are more likely to desire environmental products and brands than ever before, as they are seen as a status symbol (Trend watching, online at; Companies can and are describing their products in any way they see fit to increase brand reputation. Raising the debate of what ‘socially responsible’ products and brands consumers can trust. (Managing innovation, design and creativity, Bettina Von Stamm, 2003)
There are still hundreds of millions of people on this planet that don’t care about the environment as they are too involved in the consumerism lifestyle of being able to get what they want when they want it, or are just too focused on their own lives and not directly thinking...

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