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The Environmentally Conscious Christian Essay

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When God created the world, He created everything. Genesis 1 gives all of mankind the wonderful narrative of His creation. God made the sky, the sun, moon, and stars. God also made land, the waters of the oceans and streams. God also made the animals to inhabit the land, sky, and waters. In addition, He made the plants that grow on the land He created. God’s crowning creation was the creation of man. God’s creation of man came along with some big responsibilities. Specifically, He made man responsible for caring for all that He had created. Genesis 2:15 says, “The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it.” God is in the middle of everything that is going on. Since Christians know from Isaiah 45:18 that God created the earth “to be inhabited”, we know that nothing God did was just by chance or an accident. The creation is something quite valuable that should be preserved in order to stay beautiful as it was intended (Baldwin, 2006). The problem we encounter as human beings is that this is completely impossible. The more we exist and interact with the world that God created, the more we mess things up. Genesis 3 describes for us the result of sin on the earth; that result being pain during childbirth, the ground being cursed, “painful toil” to cultivate the ground, and ultimately death. And it has not improved since that day. Humans today need to stop living carelessly and start living in a way to sustain life on earth (DeWitt, & Nash, 2009). As things stand now, the lives of generations in the future are at stake here. Ken Ham wrote, “the whole of creation is running down and wearing out” (Ham, 2000). Things will not get any easier for us and it will be harder for us to survive, but there is hope.

A number of reasons exist for a Christian to champion environmental preservation and restoration. I have already established the fact that God created everything and He placed humans on the earth to care for it (Baldwin, 2006). That being verbalized, a Christian would be erroneous to ignore the responsibility God has given us to care for everything He created. By embracing the responsibility for the environment, Christians will assure we do not care for the environment in a negative way, but instead cultivated and protected for current and future generations (Ham, 2000). As a result, Christians will convey their responsibility of caring for the environment as God instructs. This presents an area where churches can become involved in promoting environmental sensitivity (Baldwin, 2006). Recycling programs encourage the removal of pollution, and community projects that plant trees promote environmental improvements ( Furthermore, to preserve water, Christians should embrace the use of solar and wind energy production sources (DeWitt, & Nash, 2009).

In spite of what Wendell Berry says about his “dissatisfaction with movements” (Berry, 2006, p. 331), Christians...

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