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The Epic Journey Of Marsilius: The Avengement Of His Father

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In the large City-State of Canuck, the many soldiers resting from their recent victory over the Scorpios tribe. A great young warrior by the name of Marsilius is speaking with his father about their next planned attack. He and his father Maurice, have been fighting together to protect their people for as long as he could remember. Marsilius looked up to his father in every aspect of his life when he was in trouble, and his father always had an answer. Maurice has given his son every ounce of the knowledge of war and strategies of fighting that he has gathered throughout his life, for he knows that he soon will have to pass down his leadership to Marsilius. The Canuck people have sworn to protect its homeland, but Marsilius will soon uncover their true purpose which is much greater than they had imagined.
Many years ago the Canucks had defeated an oppressive Nycerian Empires army, but this army seeks revenge on the Canuck village. It was on the same day of the battle with the Scorpios, that the Nycerian Empire attacked. A great battle was fought and many had perished. Only few remained when the Nycreians realized they could no longer hold off the Canucks. They had to unleash Yeckledon, the foulest beast in all of the empire. Yeckledon was unchained and went for the head of the village, which was Maurice. He fought as best he could but alas he was killed by the beast. The Canuck army then retreated as Marsilius wailed over the death of his father. He promised himself and his father that he would avenge his death and carry on his legacy.
Marsilius sat down with the best of his warriors and said “Have I not trained you for this?” Marsilius asked. “Yes you have!” They yelled “Have the Nycenians taken from you and me one of the greatest leaders in all of our history?” The army replied “Yes they have!” Then Marsilius stood and looked at each and every one of his men and said, “Then this is the day we take back what they have taken from us! This is our chance to conquer the Nycerians!” Later that night they sharpened their swords, strengthened their armor and started their journey.
After hiking for miles they came across a Nycerian outpost. Marsilius called over one of his good friends, Baracus who was also great in battle and told him “Go and recon the tower and bring someone back for my questioning.” Baracus climbed the tower and entered the premises. He signaled Marsilius that the upper section of the tower was clear and continued to search. He realizes that this has been abandoned. But he finds a Captain of the army lying unconscious in the lower section of the tower. He picks him up and brings him to Marsilius for questioning.
The man awakens to the sound of Marsilius’s voice. “What’s your name Captain?”
“My name is Cylus Davenport” The man said. “Well Mr. Davenport, you are going to tell me everything you know about the positions on your army. You will join my ranks until my mission is complete.” said Marsilius “And why would I do such a...

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