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The Epic One Day Battle Essay

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This battle was the battle of Hastings. The battle happened on October 14th of 1066.
The battle was spawn from two men who had a thirst for power, royalty and were promised such, but the throne was only large enough for one man.
A man named William and king Harold 2 of England and Norman forces led the fight. The army’s men fought on Senlac hill seven miles from Hastings England. (Thenagian)
Harold was shot in the eye with an arrow and then was killed. His forces were destroyed, Harold was he last of the Anglo-Saxon king of England. William was the duke of Normandy. William had come to England claiming his right to the throne of England. In 1051, 12 years before the battle in 1066 William ...view middle of the document...

William and his team of soldiers covered a long tiring 250 miles in 9 days. William had pushed his soldiers pretty hard but they were loyal and stuck to the plan. After the blood bath at Hastings William went on to London, and on Christmas of 1066 just around 3 months from arriving England William was crowned the first Norman king of England. The Anglo Saxon era of England was now over, and French had became the language of the king’s court and blended in to the modern day English language. The Saxons has several rebellions over Williams ways, changing the system the Saxons had went by for year’s ways they lived. Most rebellions weren’t just peaceful arguments; most of them ended up with some blood spilled and more than just hurt feelings. (
William had a peaceful 21 years of being king until his son William took over. (king William the conqueror)King William the first had 4 sons and 6 daughters. He was 59 years old when he died; in 1087 in Williams’s lifetime in 1072 he had also invaded Scotland but had not done much there. In 1078 he had built the tower of London. William fell off his horse in a battle, he had bled internally. (King William the conqueror) William was actually a Viking (history .com)
Williams’s jester was the first man to die at the battle of Hastings; he was twirling his sword taunting the English and got stabbed. ( The battle had earned the name the battle that changed history because it changed so much by king William changing everything. When William died he had divided his land between 2 of his sons. When William had won the battle he looked up in the sky and praised god for helping him win. William had even...

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