The Epidemic Of Police Brutality Essay

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Police are abusing their power, of their badge, instead of serve and protect; their ignoring and abusing. There's been many killings (almost about 5,000 people),abusing, and people being ignored from police, Why?
For nearly 50 years, a deadly and effective attack has been orchestrated against local police departments all throughout the United States and most Americans do not even realize it is happening. News people like CNN, CBS, or Fox 4 News sometimes get a scoop of the police beating, but more has been a happening all around the USA or anywhere else in the world, and it needs to stop.
Can we even trust the police to protect us from harm anymore? “Trust makes for a sense of being safe ...view middle of the document...

“Henry Glover was last seen alive in the backseat of a white Chevy Malibu on Sept. 2, 2005, just days after Hurricane Katrina hit, he was one of the people that didn’t die till something happen. He was bleeding from a bullet in his chest, but he was still alive. He’s brother, Edward King, took him to a SWAT compound in New Orleans. When they got there they thought the the police were going to helped them, but all King heard was police yelling, “Get Out Of The Car Get Out Of The Car Now.” As they surrounded the car. King shouted back to them, “My Brother Shot His Shot.” The next thing they knew was when the police had put them in handcuffs and the police reading King and his brother’s rights, his brother was about to be dead.”(Law and Disorder) Kings brother died without any help from the SWAT compound. They didn’t get a chance to tell them what had happen and when they did the people working there just ignored King and the police kept them in handcuffs. If the police would have just listen to King his brother would still be alive and breathing. What gives the police the right to let people die in front of them, knowing that they can help them.
Can police killing be a reasonable action? “Sometimes this deadly force is sometime accepted, but it has to be clear that this can actually cause harm. Fleeing suspects are not considered a part of this provision unless they are in fact causing threat to lives or have committed a deadly crime.”(Dealing With Police Misconduct – Police Brutality Case ). Any time a police officer is involved in a shooting, the news writers yell out in the headlines “ Another police shooting has happened!” It gives the people a feeling that the police should be the last people to have a weapon, but still nothing is said about the thousands of daily incidents of police interactions without weapons.(Taylor) Anytime a police officer is involved in a shooting, the news writers yell out in the the headlines “Another police shooting has happen!” It gives the people a feeling that the police should be the last people to have a weapons, but still nothing is said about the thousands of daily incidents of police interactions without weapons.
“The nation’s 17,000 law enforcement agencies set their own rules—and when citizens cry foul, the courts spit out wildly inconsistent results."Pick up the paper any day and there’s an excessive force case here and an excessive force case there, and yet there’s no national data at all," says William Terrill, a professor of criminal justice at Michigan State University. Charlotte police killed five people last year,...

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