The Equality Of Conditions Does Not Lead To Happiness For Women

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This paper examines few general effects of the gender-neutral society in men and women. The paper aims to show that equality of conditions between men and women does not necessarily lead to the happiness of women. The feminist movement is identified as the most influential movement leading society to the gender-neutral society. The movement is described as the first and second waves and shows how transition the transition between the two ultimately led the gender-neutral society. The increasing number of women in college is identified as an advancement for women, but not enough for women. The analysis suggests that since the second wave, women’s happiness has declined; which suggest that equality conditions between men and women does not led to their happiness. Men are left with negative consequences form the radical ideas of the second wave, and in turn that affects the family and society. These findings point out that the full equality between men and women; which is to say, that women are the same as men, is not natural. Men and women are different; therefore they find their happiness in different forms.

For decades, women have struggled to be free from oppressive social constructions. In the United States, women’s movements formed to seek the equality of men and women under the law. In more recent years, the struggle for equality of men and women has evolved into the struggle for equality between men and women; in other words, the struggle became for women to be as equal as men. Though theses movements have been successful, they have left men and women in our society with negative unintended consequences. The recent phenomenon for the equality between men and women has led to a gender-neutral society. This paper will examine a few conflicts of the gender-neutral society and the effects it has had on society. The incline towards removing differences between men and women has made them equal in society; but if happiness is the desired end result, then removing the differences is not the solution.
The feminist movement has affected society far more than any other movement regarding the gender-neutral society. The feminist movement can generally be categorized into two kinds of groups; the first and second waves of feminism. Feminist Christina Sommers, author of Who Stole Feminism?, defines and describes the goals of the first and second wave feminists. During the 19th century traditional, equity feminists, or the “first wave” feminists wanted for women what they wanted for everyone: fair treatment without discrimination. These feminists fought and gained the rights for women the rights men had under the law regarding property, marriage, divorce, and child custody. Elizabeth Cady Stanton, an ardent equity feminist, asserted the feminists goals while addressing the New York legislator in 1854, “We ask no better laws than those you have made for yourselves. We need no other protection than that which your present laws secure...

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