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The Era Of American Colonization Grade 9 American History Essay

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The Virginia Company, Native Americans, and the 13 Colonies were three important factors of colonial history in America. The Virginia Company was important because it was a group of Englishmen who created England’s first settlement in America. The 13 Colonies were vital, because they had people who thought differently than others. This led to many interesting events that changed America. Native Americans were significant, because they had wars with settlers, but the also helped them. Let me tell you about these three topics:
The Virginia Company was the group of people who created the first English settlement. It was located in Jamestown (named after England’s King James I), near the James River (also named after King James I). Since the Englishmen didn’t bring any women to America, no housework could be done. The land was also bad- it was boggy and swampy. The main reason that the English came to America was to find gold. None found, the men started arguing with each other, accusing others for things. Swept up in their disputes, no one bothered to eat, sleep, or work. By the time that the first winter came along, less than half of the settlers survived. Jamestown was a failure.
Then, John Smith came along. He saved the English! He had said “Whoever doesn’t work, must not eat.” This stuck to the settlers’ minds. They didn’t want to die. Everyone worked hard to keep Jamestown alive. The Native Americans even taught them how to farm. It was a success! What made Jamestown a bigger prosperity was their newly discovered cash arop, tobacco. Everyone wanted it! The English became rich, and had to hire African slaves and indentured servants to help tend the crop. These settlers elected John Smith as their new leader. Hearing this, more English came to America pushing into Powhatan (who were Native American) lands. This made the Indians very angry, for they had trusted the English with a truce that John Smith had...

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