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The Era Of Franklin D. Roosevelt 1933 1945: A Brief History With Documents

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In Richard D. Polenberg’s book is a detailed outline of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s, commonly called FDR, time in the oval office. From the reader’s stand point Polenberg seems meticulous and interested in what he writes about, which makes most readers pay even more attention to the detail Polenberg puts into this book. This book review will present author’s qualifications, the writer’s style, the highlights of FDR’s presidency, and judgments of the book.
Polenberg graduated from Brooklyn College in 1958 with his baccalaureate degree and Columbia University in 1959 with his Masters and in 1964 with his doctorate. He has worked at Cornell University for over forty-five years and has gone into a part-time retirement in late 2009 in which he teaches only in the fall semester now. Polenberg has published twenty-seen different works, the earliest in 1987: in which he has been awarded the “Clark Distinguished Teaching Award”, and the “American Bar Association, Silver Gavel Award.” He has published five books and six articles regarding history, he particularly prefers to write about history on the United States of America (Polenberg). His writing style is precise and to the point and dull in many chapters in the book. There were few and far between details of which that were intriguing to readers, some of the most fascinating facts were: Roosevelt was forced by his mother to wear a dress or skirt until he was five, he served the most terms of any president, and he was the very first president whose mother was permitted to vote for him legally.
The reader can learn many things from reading The Era of Franklin D. Roosevelt 1933 – 1945: A Brief History with Documents, the reader can actually learn more from the unbiased book. Polenberg wrote this book mainly in an objective manner in which allows the readers to think of FDR in what viewpoint the reader choses. Along with Polenberg’s objective manner of writing he also writes in a primarily boring, no-nonsense, fact-by-fact document-style book. Although the style is good in an informative way, it is in not the greatest book for a person to sit down and enjoy; unless the said person finds continuous abbreviations of bills that FDR attempted to pass, entertaining.
The book is about FDR’s time in the oval office, his promises and attempts to get the nation in a more conventional economic standing. FDR passed bill after bill attempting to better the country’s economic standing; ultimately it was World War II that got the United States out of the Great Depression. Some of the main bills that were passed in the first and second new deal were: Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA), Works Progress Administration (WPA), Civil Works Administration (CWA), Wagner Act, Farm Security Administration, Social Security Act, United States Housing Authority, Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), and the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938. Many bills are still used today, however they are revised for the current situations...

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