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The Era Of Technological Advances Essay

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While trying to fill his own mind and introduce new ideas, Lyndon Johnsons supported the extensive advances of technology in the 1960’s. He had dedication for learning, and strongly encouraged research that is currently known as STEM; Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Technology is defined as “knowledge branching from creation and use of technical means and how it relates with life, society, and environment using industrial arts, engineering, applied science and real science” (Dictionary). The Public Broadcasting Act of 1967, the Space Program, and the Highway Safety Act were all technological progresses of Lyndon Johnson's era.
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“Johnson, recognizing the political opportunity, jumped in right away” (“The Space Review”). Politicians from Texas, Johnson’s home state, convinced him that this wouldn’t only expand knowledge, but push his career forward along with making space travel an interest of the American population. By supporting the Space Program, President Johnson opened the gates for more technological advances, as well as to encourage future space travel.
The invention of cars was beneficial, yet brought about a burden on Americans. Highway safety, still an important part of current society, became a priority after the increase of death and injury by car accidents. “To protect the driver, the Traffic Safety Act will ensure safer, better protected cars in the event of an accident” (“The American President Project”). By signing this act, Lyndon Johnson opened the eyes of people across the nation that safety of the American population was a priority. “Automakers have the technology and knowledge to build safer, sturdier trucks and cars to protect people” (History). Some of this new technology for safer cars included: interior padding, seatbelts, side-view mirrors, daytime lights, and brake lights. Today these technological advances, along with other provisions such as...

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