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The Eradication Of Incompetent Humans On Earth

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It is unfortunate to see a vast number of starving children in countries celebrated for their accomplishments. These poor children are starving due to a scarce supply of food. Walk through any metropolitan city, and be prepared to deal with the sheer volume of people in such a cramped space. Not to mention the diseases that plague the population, as a result of thousands of patients seeking immunizations with an insufficient supply of medicine and tools to do so. In addition, overpopulation causes lack of housing from an extreme demand of housing that cannot be matched by the number of housing accommodations available. Likewise, the unemployment rate skyrockets, as there are too many people ...view middle of the document...

These people are contributing to the overpopulation of our world and cause our downfalls in humanity. That is why the world today faces many problems. With our long strides of advancement, science is making us take two steps forward and three steps back, as overpopulation is one of the most prominent issues that arises.

That is why I propose that we solve the issue of overpopulation by eradicating all of the unintelligent humans. This includes people who are a nuisance to society; mainly people who are blockheads and score below average intelligence, and thus, do nothing to contribute to our world in any resourceful way. Then, we will have less people to deal with and have spacious living!

Since the human brain constantly develops until adulthood, everyone would take an IQ test, administered by the government, on December 31st. All of the eighteen year olds will gather in their respective city’s largest stadium with their parents. The eighteen year olds will write the IQ test on the stage while their parents will watch from the benches. The tests will be marked via Scantron machines for efficiency and those of average intelligence or better, scoring 100 or above, will be spared and granted permission to go to the benches where their parents are. On the other hand, the dim-witted, who score below 100, will be injected with a toxin that will kill them within seconds.

The decimation of these halfwits, who range from having no ability to communicate, read, do simple arithmetic or have knowledge of politics, history and science, will improve our lives drastically. I mean, we spend time, money and precious resources to care for these people who do not produce any benefits for the world in return. By eradicating our world of the incompetent, we will have more time, money, and resources to improve our world from the effects of overpopulation. Rather than spending time on caring for the incompetent, we can spend that time advancing humanity. Likewise, the money and resources that are wasted on the incompetent will be put to good use, as it will be sponsoring innovative projects that will further advance society.

Think of all the jobs that will be created with the implementation of this solution! We would need security guards, proctors, people to feed the Scantron machines, and nurses to inject the toxins. Essentially, we would be eliminating the majority of the world’s problems, including overpopulation and shortages in natural resources, living space, money, and the world at large. How is that for a simple and efficient solution?

Dr. Marc Evergreen, a Harvard professor of Sociology, explains, “The eradication of incompetent humans on earth is by far the most effective and efficient solution to date.”

I could not agree with Dr. Evergreen any more. There are plenty of benefits to annihilating the dimwits inhabiting earth. There will be plenty of food for everyone to eat, as there is a smaller population requiring the same amount of food. Given...

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