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The Escalade The Cadillac Escalade Has Already Grown In Popularity

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The Escalade The Cadillac Escalade has already grown in popularity since its introduction in 1999. The Escalade is featured in many musical videos and it's very popular to the younger generation. It also has the eye of many growing stars such as Nelly who raps about this car among other things. Its popularity brought the price up to over $30,000 but it is very well worth it.This SUV ...view middle of the document...

Already marketed as a new luxury vehicle when it is known to be just a recreation of other SUV like the GMC Yukon with standard driver and passenger airbags, it just has leather seat wood trim and seats like the clouds God walks on and a exploded price tag. It has a few pluses like a Clydesdale engine and a transmission that's smoother than a baby's bottom. The Escalade has a spacious interior and optional audio systems, with selectable 4WD (full-time usage). It also has an over 250 horsepower engine yet it is not doing well in the abysmal fuel economy. The Escalade did not bear a 2001 but GM has already rated his 2002 model and said it's the most improved in its class. This car has a mysterious inside and the reliability is unknown but that is what makes this car so unique.In conclusion, but we know there is no conclusion to this car, The popular and stylish Escalade has done a lot in the few years that it has been out, its knew edition is destine for more. Escalade is an excellent choice for those who like big Cadillac's.

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