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Analysis of the text "The escape" by Somerset MaughamW. Somerset Maugham, a famous English writer, was born in 1874 in Paris. He received his medical degree, but he never practiced medicine; the ambition to write dominated his entire life. In 1897 "Liza of Lambeth", Maugham's first novel, appeared. It had no success. For the next ten years Maugham wrote and starved. He turned out a steady stream of plays and novels none of which excited much attention. His luck changed in 1907. In that year "Lady Frederic", a comedy of manners, was produced in London. It had a bright, fashionable success. By and by, Maugham became internationally celebrated; his plays were performed all over the world. Now independent and well able to enjoy life Maugham began to travel. He came to know Europe thoroughly and spent long periods in the United States, the South Seas and China. His favorite country was Spain ("The Land of the Blessed Virgin" and "Don Fernando"). In 1915 Maugham published a novel that had been in preparation for many years. Called "Of Human Bondage" it was received by critics with great respect. Over the years, it has become a modern classic. Many popular successes followed its publication: "Ashenden", "Moon and Sixpence", "Cakes and Ale", etc. He died in 1965.The text "The escape" presents narrator's thoughts about complex relationships between men and women. The narrator writes about his friend, Roger Charing, who falls in love with Ruth Barlow. They plans wedding as soon as they find a suitable house. But, on a sudden, he falls out of love...Several forms of presentation interrelate in this text. There are a piece of narration, a description of a humorous episode, a piece of character-drawing and a dialogue.The narrator is first-person.The plot of this text is a sequence of events in which the characters are involved. The plot is rich in events. The account of events is rather emotional. The story is written with a touch of irony. The theme is the matter of a literary work to be dealt with, the represented aspect of life. The idea of a literary work is the underlying thought and emotional attitude transmitted to the reader by the whole structure of the text. The text describes complex relationships between men and women. I think the idea of the text shows men's behaviour when they fall in love and consequence if men cannot refuse women. The problem of this story is that if a woman wants to marry a man it's some danger for him.In the beginning of the story the narrator tells the reader that there is no way for a man to escape from a woman who decided to marry him at any price but instant flight. Even a trip around the world for 12 months doesn't save a man. Because after his returning the first person he sees is that little lady gaily waving to him from the quay. The narrator tells about two persons. One of them is Roger Charing who was no longer young when he falls in love. Other of them is Ruth Barlow, she is twice a widow, and she have very much a...

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