The Essay "Broadcast Engineering" Is About All Aspects Of The Broadcast Engineer Occupation, Including Work Setting, Education Required, And Pay Scale.

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Admit it, television is entertaining, if it was not, then why would ninety-eight percent of all American households own a television set? And of these households, the "telly" is turned on for an average of seven hours a week! You are most likely a watcher of the television and may wonder what goes on behind the scenes, or who keeps the show running. The people who keep television running twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week are called broadcast engineers.The jobs that broadcast engineers do vary greatly. There are people that operate cameras, people that sit in a dark room and watch television monitors, and even people that supervise the engineers. But they all have one thing in common; they are all called broadcast engineers, or technicians. Most jobs that broadcast engineers do fall into three categories. These are control technicians, maintenance technicians, and transmission technicians. Control technicians are the people that switch camera angles during the show, call for commercial breaks, and do other on-air tasks. Control technicians may also keep transmission logs for the studio they work for. Transmission technicians do not actually work at the studio where the show is produced, but in relay stations that send out the program to the viewers. They may perform tasks such as reading gauges, monitors, and meters to control the quality of the image being sent to your home. Maintenance technicians; the name speaks for itself. When electronics that are used by control, or transmission technicians break down, maintenance technicians are there to fix them.Maintenance technicians may work at many stations, or just be employed by one. Like I said, the work done by broadcast technicians differs significantly.Skills needed to become a broadcast engineer are much different than those of other jobs. Math is essential. Broadcast engineers must be quick in thought and be able to perform math calculations quickly in their head. Engineers must be able to make their own decisions, use personal judgment, and work within precise limits, and deadlines. A strong electronics background is desirable by employers. The same is true for the knowledge of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules and regulations although no test is required by law. Experience is by far though the most influential quality to have in getting a job as a broadcast engineer. Although there are many other skills that employers may look for, those are just the main ones.Education is a very important prerequisite to employers. Education to become a broadcast engineer starts in high school. An aspiring broadcast engineer might want to take high school courses such as film making, technical principles, general science, physics, all the advanced math he can, shop courses, and electronics. Once out of high school one may think about going to a college known for journalism, UCLA, Columbia University, or electronics, DeVry, National Institute of Technology. Almost all employers of...

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