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The Essay Discusses Nano Technology And Questions If Ai Will Be Able To Express True Emotions.

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Nano TechnologyThe goal of this paper is to discuss the up coming advances in technology in the computer world. The basis for this topic is that technology of the present is old and dull. Society has very short attention spans; once they are introduced to something, they get bored with it fast. But, the future contains things that we as a society have never seen before, giving us that feeling of excitement all over again. Getting off subject for a little bit, consumers consume because they want to, not because they are forced to or programmed to. The only reason that trends come and go every week is because of the ever so shortening attention span on the consumer. In reality, it is the consumer who forces the makers to come up with new and exciting products faster than the expiration date of milk. There has always been a misconception that capitalism controls the buyer, but in fact it is the buyer who controls the capitalist. Companies who are not hip and up to date with the latest trend do not last very long, and the reason why these companies have such a short life span is because the consumer has a short attention span; acting only on want and not need. Thus creating the new for new products that no one really needs but must have because they are new.Anyways, back to the topic of new and exciting advances in technology and consumerism, some areas of discussion that will be covered are nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, and the disappearance of Blockbuster.First off, what is nanotechnology anyways? Does this word really exist? It obviously must not since Word 2000 does not recognize at as a word. Or maybe it is because the word itself is so far in advanced that it was created just a couple of days ago. Well, the word does exist and has meant the art of manipulating materials on an atomic or molecular scale, since 1987. Nano, Greek for dwarf, is measured at about 1/1,000,000,000 of a meter. With this type of technology, computers will be able to get smaller and smaller. How small you say? Well for some, it is believed that in a decayed or so, computers will be small enough to be injected into the human blood stream in order destroy cancer cells and tumors. And, like biological cells, the robots that populate a nanofactory could even make copies of themselves. Finished goods could be made for little more than the cost of their design and the cost of raw material such as: air, beet sugar or an inexpensive hydrocarbon feedstock. The ability to shrink objects many not be a possibility right not, but the technology to make objects smaller does exist.Scientific visionaries have shifted their attention from outer to inner space, as the dreams of colonizing another planet and traveling to other galaxies have changed to colonizing the human body. But, this just might be the first step needed to get the human race up into space. As we speak, NASA funded scientist are working to create tiny little robots that will help repair radioactively damaged...

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