The Essay I Havent Finished That I Wrote During Spring Break Bronx Community College Essay

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Brandy Felipe
english 112
In the book Drown by Junot Diaz we meet the protagonist and narrator Yunior who seems to portray himself as an intelligent, educated young man who was raised in Dominican Republic and immigrated at the age of nine to New Jersey. He begins to face many obstacles as an adolescent and one of those obstacles he faces is that he begins to be influenced by his environment.He is also aware that he was in a poor condition with his mother ever since his father was not around and that he still wants the relationship with him, even though his mother would do anything so that he as her son can survive. Halfway through the book he begins to choose a certain path in his life and it shows through his change in attitude and also through his actions as well because he begins to feel that he cant take it as life circumstances are pushing him down .This indicates that he is one of the round characters in the book because he changes consciously as his situation changes throughout his life as he is telling his story from many perspectives.
Yunior deals with finding a place for himself in an american society ever since he immigrated which made him shaped his life choices for his own self .Knowing that he has lived in poverty with his mother without a father which was a major part in his life .For instance he states in the chapter “Aguantando” We were poor .The only way we could have been poorer was to have lived in the campo or to have been Haitian immigrants, and Mami regularly offered these to us as brutal consolation .At Least you’re not in the campo.You’d eat rocks then.We didn't eat rocks but we didn’t eat meat or beans (Diaz 70).This indicates that he is in that stage in his life where...

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